Ghanaian School Links


As well as established links with schools in the cocoa farming community of New Koforidua, Ghana we have developed a link with the Lord of Peace International School in the Ghanaian capital Accra.

Visit The FIG Tree to find out about the positive impact Fair Trade has had on cocoa growing communities in Ghana and its 280 year link with Lancaster from the Slave Trade Triangle to today’s Fair Trade Triangle.

Visitors on our Student Bean to Bar Workshops can get a taste of Ghana – with a Ghanaian welcome ceremony, an introduction to Ghanaian culture, including learning to play Oware, the world’s oldest board game and a live video conference with children from our link schools. Youngsters in Lancaster can connect directly to the Ghanaian community and hear abut the impact of Fair Trade first hand.gGmsFK_56LkW2_RRbxDRxdkTAr06HEk54vaBobVdEOk

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