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The FIG Tree Bean to Bar Workshops

Corporate Social Responsibility is high on the agenda of many businesses these days, and The FIG Tree Fair Trade Centre offers an interactive and fun way to engage employees on this very topical subject.

Let us take you on a Fair Trade journey all the way from the farmers in New Koforidua in Ghana who grow our cocoa beans to your very own chocolate bar to take home.

You will not only discover how chocolate is made from scratch but you and your team will also learn about its origins, history and the very real impact Fair Trade has on the cocoa growing communities.

There will be time to learn more about The FIG Tree Fair Trade International Centre and the Fair Trade Towns Movement that originated in Garstang and has now spanned the globe.

The Bean to Bar workshops address some of the following themes:

* Problem Solving

* Team Working

* Project Management

* Branding

* Costings

* Corporate Social Responsibility

The FIG Tree Fair Trade Bean to Bar Experience and Dinner Lunch? 

There will be a delicious meal at The Borough in historic Lancaster while your chocolate bars are setting.

The workshop duration is 4 to 5 hours including the meal.

Events will be tailored to your requirements based around our unique chocolate making workshop.

Introductory offer for 8 to 10 participants

For further information or to book an event contact Bruce Crowther, MBE at


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