Volunteers form the backbone of The FIG Tree. When you volunteer at The FIG Tree you contribute to The FIG Tree’s overall vision of preventing trade injustice through the promotion of Fair Trade and Fair Trade Towns. We aim to ensure everyone can get involved and have their say – an ethos that goes back to the grassroots foundations of the International Fair Trade Town’s movement.

As a Community Interest Company The FIG Tree involves members of the community in its day to day running as well as bringing benefits to the local community. While our volunteers are vital for the Centre’s very existence, it is also important that the opportunities bring benefit, fulfillment and enjoyment to all people who get involved. 

Ways to Volunteer with us

Interested in this opportunity: volunteering@fairtradecentre.org

    In the Cafe and Shop:

    Since opening in 2011, The FIG Tree has gained a reputation as a café and community hub where visitors can relax over a cup of Fair Trade coffee (with Fair Trade sugar and local milk). We use exclusively local and Fair Trade ingredients wherever possible and each product tells someone’s story. Fair Trade coffee, chocolate and our own Bean to Bar chocolate using beans from New Koforidua and Fair Trade sugar as well as souvenirs and gifts are available in our shop including musical instruments from Ghana.

    About the Role:

    • Being a friendly face and providing a warm welcome for all our visitors.
    • Being familiar with The FIG Tree @ St. Johns to answer queries.
    • Serving customers hot drinks and light refreshments (e.g. cake, scones) and taking payments.
    • Keeping the cafe and shop area clean and tidy or helping wash up.
    • Restocking displays, pricing up items and ordering new stock.

    Training/support for role:

    • Training in making and serving coffee (Barista skills).
    • Training in customer service (e.g. taking orders, using a till).
    • Health and Safety procedures (e.g. accident reporting).

    School Workshops: 

    About the role 

    We need volunteers to help out in a variety of ways during these visits and workshops: 

    • Being a friendly face and providing a warm welcome for all our visitors.
    •  Being familiar with The FIG Tree and Fair Trade to answer teacher and pupil queries.
    • Deliver interactive activities with teachers and pupils to increase intercultural understanding.
    • Help out with our ‘Bean to bar’ chocolate making using cocoa from New Koforidua.

    When and where the role is available:

    Workshops and visits are usually delivered/hosted at St. John’s church during school hours although adult workshops may be delivered during weekends and evenings.

    Training/support for role:

    • Information about Health and Safety issues (e.g. first aid procedures, accident reporting) as well as working with children/young people.  Information about The FIG Tree and Fair Trade.
    • Shadowing a school workshop/visit prior to taking part as an activity leader.
    • Is this role right for me?


    About the role 

    This is a role particularly suited to those with a passion for local heritage and history. Volunteers will be involved in maintaining our existing exhibitions and interactive learning resources. Examples of activities might include:

    • Researching and developing our existing exhibition objects.
    • Creating interactive displays using our exhibition objects to encourage people to engage with heritage.
    • Running activities to inspire visitors of all ages to bring our displays to life.

    We would also be keen to hear from volunteers interested in delivering our “Fair Trade and Slave Trade Tour” of Lancaster (a Fairtrade District and historically the fourth largest slave trade port in Britain).


    About the role:

    We need volunteers to help us come up with new ideas for activities as well as taking part in running them at the Centre. This could include: 

    • simple and fun activities aimed at families and other visitors to the Centre (e.g. crafts, storytelling).
    • helping to organise music concerts, campaigning events and/or events around our products
    • we are also interested in developing a more extensive programme of events to attract members of the public to St. Johns and need volunteers and ideas to help out with this also.


    About the role: 

    • Helping The FIG Tree come up with fun ways to raise money.


    About the role:

    • Join the marketing team to help promote The FIG and come up with exciting ideas on how to spread the word.


    About the role:

    • Help design posters, leaflets, flyers.


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