Bean to Bar Chocolate

FIG Tree chocolate is homemade from bean to bar in Garstang the world’s first Fair Trade Town using fair trade ingredients where possible and beans sourced from the Fairtrade cooperative Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana and when able purchased directly from the farmer in New Koforidua, Ghana – the first Fair Trade Town in Africa.

FIG Tree Bean to Bar chocolate is available to buy at the following outlets:

FIG Tree Bean to Bar chocolate is available in seven delicious flavours; Milk, Milk & Orange, Dark, Dark & Mint, Dark & Chilli, Almond Milk and White Almond Milk. It is sold as 40g and 100g bars, a variety of speciality shaped chocolates and individual chocolates with centres. Seasonal flavours such as Cinnamon & Orange may also be available at Christmas and other times of the year but because our chocolate is made in small batches all our stocks are limited.

We are grateful to all concerned for giving us the opportunity to sell our chocolate.

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies”.

John G. Tullius, American artist and cartoonist

All our chocolate is conched for 72 hours to give our signature smooth mouthfeel.
Dark (suitable for vegans)
FIG Tree dark chocolate contains 75% cocoa solids giving it a strong citrusy, vegetal, oaky flavour combined with redberries.
Dark Mint (suitable for vegans)
FIG Tree dark chocolate flavoured with pure fairly traded Holy Llama spearmint essence. The robust garden mint flavour compliments the strength of the 75% dark chocolate.
Dark Chilli (suitable for vegans)
The pure fairly traded Holy Llama chilli essence is added to The FIG Tree dark chocolate in sufficient measure to provide the spice but not too great to stop you coming back for more.
Rich Dark Milk
FIG Tree milk chocolate contains a generous 50% cocoa solids so is best referred to as a rich dark milk chocolate rather than the everyday milk chocolate familiar to most. In addition to the oak and redberries the Ghanaian cocoa beans provide an earthy taste of truffles known to chocolatiers as umami. Umami or savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness) that can be detected by taste receptors on the tongue.
Milk Orange
The FIG Tree rich dark milk chocolate stands up to the acidity of the pure fairly traded Holy Llama orange essence.
Almond Milk (suitable for vegans)
A 50% chocolate bar with a creamy mouth feel made with almond milk rather than cow’s milk a noticeably nutty aroma with a hint of creaminess. A soft texture with a nice melt.
We are grateful to expert chocolatier David Greenwood-Haigh of Coeur de Xocolat Ltd for providing these tasting notes.

If your mouth is watering why not taste the chocolate yourself with the help of David’s Sensory Tasting Ritual.

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