About The FIG Tree

The FIG Tree is the world’s first International Fair Trade Centre, founded in the world’s first Fair Trade Town, Garstang. The FIG Tree is a small evolving social enterprise with huge global ambitions. It aims to provide a specialized fair trade cafe and shop and host a display telling the now famous ‘Garstang story’ while focusing on the three local heritage themes; Fair Trade Towns, the British Atlantic slave trade and its abolition and Quaker History.

After having to relocate from Garstang in 2015, The FIG Tree moved to St. John’s Church in historic Lancaster but following severe flood damage in December the same year was again forced to move.

The FIG Tree can now be found in The Priory at the top of Castle Hill in Lancaster. The FIG Tree @ The Priory cafe and chocolate shop is now open most Saturdays from 10.30am – 3.30pm. Please check the details under ‘Cafe/Shop’ on this website to ensure the cafe is open and avoid disappointment.

We are currently planning to increase our membership and help raise funds to enable us to establish new premises in central Lancaster. For details on how to become a members click here.


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